SAEMA Members

There are currently 27 UK companies registered with SAEMA.
Please see following pages to view their company and
contact information.

Why choose a SAEMA Member?

  • Safety - You can be sure of safety by employing a SAEMA member

  • Competence - Work will be carried out by experienced & trained personnel

  • Insurance - Adequate insurance in place

  • Suitability of product - British & European Standards will be complied with

  • Quality - Materials & components will conform to the relevant standards

  • Guarantee – equipment will carry the manufacturers warranty

  • Cost Effective - Cleaning & maintenance will be efficient & cost effective

  • Supervision - all staff will be properly supervised at all times

  • Satisfaction - Clients specific needs will be met

  • Information - all information provided will be "Up to Date and Accurate"

  • Training - Instruction on the proper use of the Façade Access System will be given 

  • Maintenance - advice on the ongoing maintenance and testing of the equipment will be given and an offer to undertake such work provided

  • Website - Up to date with current information

  • Membership Criteria – SAEMA membership requires strict membership criteria being met

  • Code of Conduct - all members agree to abide by the SAEMA Code of Conduct which makes Safety & Quality paramount in the provision of the Façade Access Systems. 

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1st July 2009

New SAEMA website launched

Latest news items will appear here with links to read the full...