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Facade Hoists (International) Ltd

Facade Hoists are a UK owned company with over 30 years experience in Permanent Suspended Access Equipment. Working with Architects & Main Contractors on new and existing projects, we can offer a complete range of products to help access all of the internal/ external building facades for cleaning and maintenance. Once the design has been approved, Facade Hoists will design, manufacture, install and finally maintain all of the equipment.

Our dedicated maintenance management team can quote and provide service packages to meet all customer needs:

Regular Maintenance
Planned Preventative Maintenance
Breakdowns and Stand by Service
Fully Comprehensive
Assisting Insurance Inspectors for LOLER Requirements.

All of our products are designed and manufactured within the UK to meet all current legislations

Our range of equipment
– Window Cleaning Cradles (Gondolas)
– Trolley Units
– Full Power BMU
– Ladders
– Gantries
– Restraint and Fall Arrest Safety Lines
– Eyebolts

For further assistance please contact Stephen Wherry or Stephen Cox on 01761 418454 enquiries@facadehoists.co.uk


Stephen Cox

Tel: 01761 418454 Ext:202
Fax: 01761 418819

1 Silver Street
Midsomer Norton