Our Members

Why Choose a SAEMA member

Equipment and systems provided by SAEMA member organisations can either be permanently installed – for the lifetime of a building, bridge or other structure – or temporarily installed for the construction phase of a project.

There are 10 powerful reasons why you should choose and use a SAEMA member to provide and/or maintain your façade access system:

1. SAEMA members are serious, professional companies who have chosen to identify with, and support, the aims and objectives of one of Europe’s leading work at height trade associations;

2. As a founder member of the Access Industry Forum (AIF), SAEMA and its members are committed to advancing safety and best practice;

3. SAEMA members adhere strictly to the latest national and international standards and guidance for façade access and, through their membership of the Association, are actively involved in developing and setting these standards;

4. The equipment and systems designed, manufactured and installed by SAEMA members meet – and often exceed – all current UK and European legislation;

5. Product quality, reliability and safety are an essential requirement of SAEMA membership;

6. Personnel employed by SAEMA members are professionally trained to industry-recognised standards to ensure their competency as required by the Work at Height Regulations (WAHR);

7. SAEMA members work to established benchmarks to ensure the consistency of documentation and manuals;

8. Clients are automatically informed of their duties and responsibilities under the law and the need to undertake and formally record statutory inspections;

9. Through membership of the Association, SAEMA organisations are in touch with industry news and developments and have access to the latest information and advice at all times;

10. Above all, the knowledge, expertise and technical competence of SAEMA members – and their commitment to safety and best practice – is unmatched in its field.

Choose a SAEMA member and you will enjoy the security and confidence that comes from dealing with a professional, highly responsible and totally dedicated company – a genuine specialist in height safety.