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New talent retention scheme for construction industry

The Construction Leadership Council has launched the Talent Retention Scheme (CLC TRS) to keep essential talent within the UK construction industry.

Sustainability of skilled personnel is one of the biggest issues facing the construction industry, and one which SAEMA is very keen to tackle, so this news is very welcome indeed.

SAEMA is the national trade body for the permanent and temporary façade access equipment industry, and is dedicated to ensuring adherence to safe and best practice for the provision of access to buildings and other structures for the purposes of cleaning and maintenance. We cooperate with other organisations, specialist bodies and institutions involved in the provision and maintenance of façade access systems and equipment.

The Talent Retention Scheme is a free online jobs portal designed to help redeploy staff at risk of redundancy across the industry, and to facilitate temporary employee loans between businesses. The scheme also gives displaced workers from other sectors a route into the construction industry.

Individuals looking for work in construction can create a profile on the CLC TRS portal showcasing their skills and experience. This profile will be automatically promoted to relevant employers which have posted vacancies. The individual can use their profile to track and manage their job applications and expressions of interest they receive from employers.

Employers looking to recruit can post an unlimited number of vacancies on the CLC TRS portal. Candidates for these vacancies will be promoted to the employer. Employers can also search for individual profiles and make direct contact with potential employees.

More information about the CLC TRS can be found on the CLC TRS website.

Click here to sign up for the scheme.