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The year is 1992.

The sounds of The Cure and En Vogue play on people’s Sony Walkmans.

Stephen King’s film, The Lawnmower Man, shocked us with visions of a virtual reality enabled digital future.

And for a little-known discipline called FM, it was a time of opportunity.

How has FM developed since the age of the Nokia 101?

How did we deliver the key services of our industry, and what were they like?

And what is their relevance not just for today, but for tomorrow?

Join the IWFM London Region on 15 November at 15Hatfields as we go 30 years back…in order to explore the future.

Ticket prices

  • Members: £80 inc. VAT
  • Non-members: £100 inc. VAT
  • Unemployed/students: £60 inc. VAT

Book here to make sure you secure your ticket.

Venue and details

15Hatfields, Chadwick Court, London, SE1 8DJ

15 November 2022, 8.30am – 6.30pm.

Lunch and refreshments will be provided. The conference is due to end at 5.15pm, when it will be followed by drinks and networking until 6.30pm.

The full agenda and speakers will be announced soon.

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