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Delivering the Budget and Spending Review last week, the Chancellor promised to ‘invest in a plan for growth’ by increasing the National Living Wage to £9.50 per hour, cancelling the planned rise in fuel duty, and strengthening investment in skills by expanding the Lifetime Skills Guarantee and quadrupling the number of places on Skills Bootcamps. Key points for construction included:

£11.5 billion expansion of the Affordable Homes Programme, to be invested in 180,000 new affordable homes, 65% of which will be outside London

Confirming £5 billion will be allocated to the ongoing remediation of unsafe cladding from the highest risk buildings, supported by the new Residential Property Developer Tax from next year, which will see a 4% charge on profits exceeding an annual allowance of £25 million

£2.6 billion set aside to undertake more than 50 local road upgrades over the next four years, with an additional £5 billion for local roads maintenance

Suspension of the HGV levy until 2023, alongside a freeze on vehicle excise duty for HGVs.

The business rates multiplier will also be frozen for a further year, whilst two new business rate reliefs will be introduced to support companies to invest in property improvements and green technology.

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