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Just as new CO2nstructZero Business Champions have been announced, Andy Mitchell, the co-chair of the Construction Leadership Council (CLC) has called on the construction industry to redouble its efforts in the fight against carbon.

This comes after the CLC revealed its CO2nstructZero Performance Framework earlier this year, which encompasses a series of metrics that will measure how the industry is delivering on its mission to reduce carbon.

The new Business Champions are:

  • Arup
  • BAM UK
  • Baxall Construction
  • Ferrovial Construction
  • Fork Truck Solutions
  • Genuit Group
  • GKR Scaffolding
  • Marshalls
  • Pallet Loop
  • Velux.

Commenting on the new Business Champions, Andy said: “As an industry, we will only meet our climate change ambitions if we collaborate rather than compete over carbon. These businesses have agreed to share the brilliant work that they are doing to help other companies in all parts of our industry to develop their own strategies to reduce carbon.

“Our Business Champions are a fundamental element of the CO2nstructZero and will support the delivery of the Performance Framework that will allow us to not only say what we’re doing, but also show the affect that it is having. This is going to be the defining challenge for our industry in the coming years. I want to encourage every UK construction business to get on board with the CO2nstructZero programme so that we can work together to deliver a better future and drive out carbon.”

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