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SAEMA – Specialist Access Engineering & Maintenance Association – is pleased to share this ‘good news story’ from the Construction Leadership Council (CLC).

50 organisations including representatives of the energy and water sectors are backing the CLC National Retrofit Strategy which sets out a twenty-year blueprint to transform the nation’s housing stock to make it greener and more energy efficient.

Britain’s 28 million homes contribute 20% of the country’s carbon emissions so unless these are retrofitted to make them more energy efficient we won’t achieve a zero carbon economy by 2050. The CLC National Retrofit Strategy is structured into four phases and calls on the Government to invest an initial £5.3bn over the next four years to help kickstart the retrofit market. The benefits of this investment would lead an additional 100,000 new jobs; a saving to the NHS of £1.4bn; and a reduction in householders’ energy bills by as much as £436.

Andy Mitchell, Co-Chair of the CLC Task Force, said: “Given our homes contribute 20% of the nation’s carbon emissions it is essential that we start to retrofit them to make them more energy efficient. With widespread industry support the CLC is calling on the Government to adopt the National Retrofit Strategy to make our homes greener. Our strategy has been fully costed and offers a roadmap about how the Government can create a low carbon built environment by 2040.”