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Government confirms Roadmap will proceed on 19th July

Following final review of the data, the Prime Minister has confirmed that Step 4 of the Roadmap will proceed as planned on 19 July.

On this date, most legal restrictions will end, removing social distancing and social contact restrictions and enabling remaining businesses to reopen. All adults have now been offered a first dose of the vaccine.

By the end of July, the Government will publish an updated COVID-19 contain outbreak management framework for local areas.

On 16 August, the rules on self-isolating as a contact will change for people who are fully vaccinated2 , and for under 18s. Those not fully vaccinated will still need to isolate if they are contacts, and everyone will still have to isolate if they test positive, to protect themselves and others.

In September, the Government will undertake a review to assess the country’s preparedness for autumn and winter, which will consider whether to continue or strengthen public and business guidance as we approach the winter, including on face coverings and test, trace and isolate, and will review the remaining regulations.

The majority of restrictions will end on this date, and @ConstructionCLC will be issuing a statement regarding the site operating procedures:

Guidance covers:

  • social distancing
  • travelling to work
  • site access and egress points
  • sanitation
  • canteen and rest areas
  • changing facilities, showers and drying rooms
  • work planning to avoid close working; and
  • first aid and emergency response.

Image: DaniKauf. Shared under Creative Commons License.

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