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HSE’s Safety Climate Tool (SCT)

Every employer has a legal duty to assess and protect employees under the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974.

HSE’s Safety Climate Tool has been carefully designed by scientists to assess the attitudes of individuals within an organisation towards health and safety issues.

The Safety Climate Tool delivers an objective measure of your safety culture – the ‘way things are done’ in your organisation when it comes to health and safety. This is a significant starting point for any organisation to continually improve and raise standards.

Using a simple, online questionnaire, the Safety Climate Tool explores your employees’ attitudes and perceptions in key areas of health and safety, while guaranteeing anonymity.

Once the survey has been completed, it generates a comprehensive report and provides guidance that will help improve the organisation’s safety culture.

What is safety culture?

Safety culture’ is often referred to as “the way things are done around here”. It’s a combination of the attitudes and values held, the behaviours and the management system within your organisation or departments, that influences how something is done, rather than how it should be done.

Poor safety culture has contributed to many major incidents and personal injuries and can be just as influential on safety outcomes as the organisation’s safety management system itself.

Watch as HSE’s Chartered Psychologist Jennifer Webster guides you through the process of understanding and managing organisational safety culture.

Benefits of using Safety Climate Tool

  • The results can be used to support ISO45001 accreditation
  • Available in over 45 language templates (Arabic, French, German, Japanese, Spanish etc.)
  • Can be customised to include the organisations logo, write a personalised introduction, choose the most appropriate demographic responses, and tailor the terminology used in the core statements
  • Ability to benchmark results against HSE’s exclusive industry dataset
  • Automatically analyses the responses and generates a valuable summary report of the results
  • Examines employee and management results for comparison
  • Creates bespoke reports of your chosen demographics to highlight key priorities going forward
  • Provides suggestions for next steps and recommendations how to address them
  • Can be used at any time from your own secure web account, making the process simple, quick and convenient

Reduce the number of accidents and near misses – use as a leading indicator to proactively measure and improve safety culture. Evidence shows that a strong safety culture is associated with fewer workplace injuries.

Utilise resources – data can be segmented in a range of different ways to identify good practice as well as areas for improvement, such as location or hierarchy. You can then pinpoint key focus areas and take action to change unsafe behaviours.

Support the journey to ISO45001 accreditation – use the SCT to enhance your evidence base. While ISO 45001 is not a legal requirement, proportionate adoption of a health and safety management system standard like ISO 45001 can help businesses measure and evaluate their performance.

Benchmark your organisation’s health and safety culture – not only does the SCT help you understand your own safety culture, but it’s extensive benchmarking dataset allows you to compare performance against industry standard.