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The latest IOSH magazine for September/October 2021 ( has a published a report urging employees to better manage health and safety risks after the GB Health & Safety Executive (HSE) released figures showing work-related accidents caused 142 fatalities in Great Britain last year.

The HSE’s figures, which cover the year up to 31 March 2021, show a rise of 31 deaths from the previous year.

Although this figure is still comparatively low for Western Europe and continues a general downward trend seen over the past three decades, IOSH believes this number should be lower. Ruth Wilkinson, head of health and safety at IOSH, said the numbers are ‘very concerning’.

Self-employed workers continue to be at a greater risk, accounting for 38% of fatal injuries, even though such workers make up only 16% of the workforce.

Older workers are also disproportionately affected – 27% of the fatalities were aged 60 or over, despite comprising only 10% of the workforce.

Once again, construction and agriculture (which saw 39 deaths) and forestry and fishing (which saw 34) accounted for the highest number of fatal injuries. The most common causes of death across all sectors were falls from a height (35) and being struck by a moving vehicle (25).

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