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SAEMA is delighted to welcome EHS Façade Access Ltd (EHS) as a new member.

SAEMA has over 20 member organisations working in the temporary and permanent suspended access industry. Each enjoys peace of mind that their business is fully safe and compliant, playing a vital role in advancing best practice.

EHS was founded in 2010 by Eric Spencer, whose industry knowledge stems from over 40 years’ experience in commercial construction.

EHS has developed into a company which specialises in the installation of the most crucial elements of many iconic buildings that dominate the London skyline.

For 25 years EHS been installing permanent façade access equipment, from BMUs to Abseil Monorails and anything in between. In 2014 Rope Access was introduced to complement the high access services provided to our clients.

EHS has been involved in many high-profile projects including the installation of all of the permanent access systems on the Bloomberg European Headquarters for Cento Engineering and their Abseil teams spending 22 months installing steel and façade units on the new Tottenham Hotspur football stadium for Permasteelisa.

Other past projects include providing permanent access equipment on HSBC, One New Change, 107 Cheapside, the ‘Walkie Talkie’ St Georges Wharf Tower to name but a few.

EHS is involved in many areas of permanent access – from providing an installation service for any system, to their abseiler teams using davits/anchors and monorail systems for installation/maintenance or testing works.

Its team is currently engaged by SRM at the Battersea Power Station development to carry out abseil anchor testing for British Engineering on two buildings nearing completion.

Eric Spencer is proud to be accepted as a member and is hoping that his company will add value to SAEMA.