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Safety warning regarding Skyclimber lightweight link units

SAEMA – Specialist Access Engineering & Maintenance Association – has become aware of a recent incident when a fault occurred with a temporary suspended access system.

SAEMA received a report that a spigot of a Skyclimber lightweight stage had sheared under load. No one was injured and no damage was caused. However, what did come to light under forensic examination by an independent metallurgist and the manufacturer was that the wall of the spigot had been manufactured in 2mm gauge steel instead of 3mm.

Evidently some years ago, a Dutch distributor was sent a batch of these units, known as LWT links, that had been incorrectly manufactured. This was realised and the batch returned to the manufacturer. It would appear, however, that at least one link found its way into the temporary fleet in the UK. It cannot be determined exactly where this unit came from because these particular components are not serialised.

It is vital that anyone who has any Skyclimber lightweight link units in their stock must please check the gauge of the wall of the spigots. They must be at least 3mm gauge steel.

SAEMA is always happy to work with its partners in highlighting any areas of working at height that could be improved to help workers to stay safe.

SAEMA is the national trade body for the permanent and temporary façade access equipment industry. It is an important partner for organisations who want to ensure their projects are undertaken to the very highest standards of safety.

SAEMA has a long history in delivering the best training and guidance in the temporary and permanent suspended access industry. SAEMA is respected throughout the industry and remains committed to raising the standards in best practice.

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