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Saltires Facilities Management has now installed more than 60,000 new smoke alarm systems. This is in response to changing Scottish Government legislation, as it continues in partnership with dozens of social landlords, councils, and housing associations across the country.

Already recognised as one of the foremost facilities management specialists, Saltire’s public sector smoke alarm installation contracts have increased considerably due to the new legislation, which was implemented in February this year. This new legislation requires all Scottish households and premises to have an interlinked fire and smoke alarm system, as well as sufficient carbon monoxide protection.

To date Saltire have partnered with dozens of public sector organisations such as North Lanarkshire Council, and Loreburn, Ochilview, Waverly, and Dumfries and Galloway housing associations. As well as smoke alarm installations, Saltire’s trusted teams of experts carry out a range of gas, electrical and renewables services at more than 120,000 properties across Scotland and North West England.

Saltire Facilities Management Managing Director Alan Murray, said: “For more than 20 years, our work with public sector bodies has been the cornerstone of our business. We’re a trusted name in facilities management, and our reputation for delivering excellent work, on time and on budget, now precedes us. I’m very proud that we have now completed 60,000 smoke alarm installations, a major milestone for both public and private sector homeowners.

“Keeping residents safe is at the heart of what social landlords and housing associations do, and that includes many vulnerable residents as an absolute priority. We’ll continue to work in close partnership with our friends in the public sector, delivering a wide range of services and building sustainable communities together.”

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