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Women in construction offer perspective on markets in UK and Sweden

With a long history in delivering the best training and guidance in the temporary and permanent suspended access industry, SAEMA monitors the latest developments in the construction sector, particularly regarding worker health and safety, sustainability and equality.

We are pleased to share the following short news item from the Finishes and Interiors Sector. This is the not for profit representative body for the £10 billion finishes and interiors sector in the UK. The organisation exists to support our members, improve safety, minimise risk, enhance productivity and drive innovation in the sector.

A half-day Women in Construction event, hosted by the Department for International Trade Sweden, will be taking place on Wednesday 26 May to facilitate knowledge exchange, stimulate ideas and give UK and Swedish stakeholders’ insight into the two markets.

Build UK Chief Executive Suzannah Nichol will be a keynote speaker at the event, which will feature panel discussions with stakeholders from the UK and Sweden. Attendance at the virtual event is free and you can register online here.

A range of speakers, from the private sector, civil society and other organisations, will offer their perspectives on the markets, both in the UK and in Sweden. Together, the panellists will discuss their experiences and the challenges they face as women in their professions, in the office and on site. The speakers, from both Sweden and the UK, will give their unique insights into the differences and similarities in the two markets.

Image: Flickr

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